No two students are alike. Your course of study should be as unique as you are. Our personalized exam review courses identify topics you need to study, enabling you to focus on what matters — learning what you need to know to pass the exam.

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Exam review candidates who have tried and failed other courses turn to us for success and, with our help, they pass. Course, corrected!

Features and Benefits

Life does not stop when you are studying for an exam review. When you choose Surgent, you’re selecting a program with a balanced study plan based on your lifestyle. We make it easy to focus on what you need to learn to pass!

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Adaptive and Linear

We know that each student’s educational needs are unique. That’s why we offer both adaptive and linear learning options. Adaptive courses are customized for you, while linear courses are uniform learning options. Choose what is best for you and begin your educational journey!

Tailored for You

For candidates who want to maximize the value of their studying time, we offer hyper-customized learning plans that focus on the specific topics they need to learn. Offering exactly what a student needs to know allows their test day to come faster.

Pass Guarantee

We’re so confident in our exam review courses — and the potential of our students — that we offer a pass guarantee.

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Exam Review

The Surgent way

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“The high-energy lectures were clear, precise, and [they] addressed every topic on the actual exams. I would have never passed the exam if it wasn’t for the incredible instructors.

— Martina F @ Deloitte

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Ways to Pay

Passing your exam will open a world of opportunities to you, and cost should not stand in your way. We offer payment plans and student pricing to help.